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Which People are Bringing You Down? Find Out and Break the Cycle

People from both our past and present may have contributed to our limiting mindset. Maybe every time a new idea pops up, the "voice" of others that you're so used to hearing, pipes in with negative feedback.

Become aware of this voice inside of your own mind. Next time you ask yourself "Should I go for it?" pay close attention to your own mental dialogue that's taking place. Does the nay saying voice inside of your mind say things like…

"You don't know how!"

"You screwed up last time, and you'll screw up again"

"You know nothing about this"

"You don't have enough (money, time)"

"Give it up!"

"That's a dumb idea"

"No one will buy that"

"You can't do that!"

With so much opposition inside of our own brains, it's no wonder we can't seem to go after what we want.

But now that you've tuned into what's being said in your head… name an actual voice behind the statement. Who from your history of relationships is really saying this? What is the origin of your negative internal dialogue?

Is it the voice of your mother? Husband? Sister? Teacher?

Does your best friend dump a daily dose of doubt and discouragement on you every time you share your ideas and plans?

It could be more than one person who is contributing to your limiting mindset. It could be someone from your past, present, or both.

Just know that once you have identified who is behind many of the discouraging statements that happen in your mind… you will now know who to avoid or limit contact with when you want to set and commit to goals.

Another really good way to stop other people from dissuading you from your goals is to NOT share them with negative people. Instead, bounce your ideas off optimistic, encouraging friends who will help you succeed.

A strong, positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success. Joyce Brothers


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