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Where to Find Positive Friends Who Lift You Up?

Instead of letting negative influences contribute to your limiting mindset, choose to surround yourself with friends who lift you up. The people in your life should be filling your head with exciting possibilities. Positive, supportive family and friends say things like…

"Go for it!"

"You can do it"

"You'll get there"

"You'll figure it out"

"You got this!"

They also help us explore ideas, as well as seek and find information, people, resources and tools that will get us where we need to be.

Where to look for positive supporters if you're lacking:

Join special interest clubs. This is the best place to connect with like minds. An acquaintance with whom you have shared interests could become a friend or business colleague over time.

Reconnect with your oldest and dearest friends. These are the people whom you can count on to be in your corner, have your back and cheer you on.

Network for business. It's super simple to order yourself a business card online and have it delivered by mail. Search for local biz networking opportunities. You'll soon find yourself surrounded by inspired professionals like yourself!

Tips for avoiding negative people without them realizing it:

Got a negative person in your life who brings you down all the time? One classic way to dilute the influence of a naysayer is to ONLY hang around them when in the company of other, more positive and encouraging people. If this doesn't happen naturally, you might have to take the initiative and start making some calls. Who's going to be on your Positivity A-List? It's so worth reaching out to them.

Once you begin to do this, it will be very obvious who the source of negative feedback is when the rest of the group is cheering you on. Even better, with the support of encouraging friends who offer solutions, ideas and support, you may even find that negative people seem to fade to the background as more exciting opportunities begin to open up for you. Another way to dodge a doubter is to ask them to help you work on something. Most people who sit around criticizing and condemning others tend to have little of importance happening in their own lives. So if you seem to have attracted the company of a negative person, maybe offer them a job. In all likelihood, they will go running in the opposite direction and become unavailable VERY quickly.

A third way to avoid the influence of negative family members and friends, is to fill up your schedule with hobbies and activities that you enjoy, and that they are not likely to participate in. If we're busy doing what we love to do, this leaves no room for idle chatter with people who stifle us.

And finally, if the negative person in your life is your spouse or a family member with whom you live, you might consider making a bold life change. As an unhappily married person, if the negativity is chronic and affecting your health, you might seriously consider moving toward divorce. If you live with your parents or other family members who don't support your goals and dreams, it might be time to pursue a new life in your own place.

Truly great people never make others feel small, but instead make others feel that they too can become successful !

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