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What Areas of Your Life Can Use a Boost of Positivity?

Although you might be searching for information on how to ditch a limiting mindset, it doesn't mean that negativity affects you the same way across the board. In fact, you could be killing it in your career, but come home to a sad social life, lack of hobbies, or partnered life that's become dull and uninspiring.

Or, maybe you feel inspired and supported at home, but the thought of dragging through the daily motions of your dead-end job leaves you cold.

If you're being sabotaged by your own limiting mindset, figure out which aspects of your life can use a shot of positivity. Once you're clear on what needs improving, you'll be able to take steps toward a mental shift into self betterment.

Even if you already know that most of your life has fallen into the grips of negative and pessimistic thinking, it's helpful to define what parts of your life you'd like to make positive changes in.

So take some time to ponder each of the following aspects of your life. You might wish to write out detailed answers to the questions. Or, just give each some serious thought.


What's your general attitude about your home living space? Is home someplace that brings you comfort?

Are the amenities of your home to your liking? If you could make some small yet significant changes of your home space, what would they be?

Would you change the colors of your walls or freshen up the existing color scheme?

Is it time to upgrade to a newer, roomier or more comfortable bed or couch?

How do you feel about the floors and rugs in your home?

What stops you from making the changes to your home that you want to? List your perceived limitations around having your home just the way you want it.

How can you move past those perceived limitations? Brainstorm steps to take to reach your goals.


Do you have a list of activities that you wish you could be doing, yet never get around to? What are they?

Check off if any of the following hold appeal for you:




Playing or listening to music

Arts and crafts


Now beside each category, jot down your reason for not pursuing said activity.

If you really want to do more of the things on your list, what steps can you take to get you there?


How do you feel about your social life? If you have negative thoughts around being social, what are they?

Do you feel like you're never sure of what to do when it's time to be social?

Does it seem like everyone always forgets to include you in the plans?

Is your calendar overflowing to the point of confusion and feelings of social pressure?

Make a list of challenges in your social life. Beside each point, write down a way to initiate positive change around this issue.


What are your biggest challenges to maintaining a positive outlook at work?

If it's a struggle to become motivated about your job, explore reasons why.

What's stopping you from thriving at your job?

What changes can you make to bring back your sense of purpose and enthusiastic attitude?

Is it time to move on to something new in your career? The first step could be in speaking with a career coach or doing some research online.


You might be someone who runs their own business. Or, maybe from time to time you buy and sell items. Would you say that you've grown to adopt a limiting mindset around moneymaking endeavors?

Consider that we all have a bit of the entrepreneur inside of us, and the internet can really help bring this out.

So if you're down and out about your business propositions, explore the reasons and how you can turn them around.

Are you currently active in an entrepreneurial way? If no, why? Do you wish that you were?

What can you do to get back into the game of buying and selling, if that's what you enjoy?

Do you lack confidence in your business skills? Explore why. Do you need support around

becoming more organized? Or do you need more motivation to take action?

Would a partner help you make up for those qualities you lack, and vice versa? Where can you find one?

What changes can you make in your approach to doing business that will help you turn things around?


If you live with family members or if you have children, what is currently bringing you down about your family life?

Make a list of things you wish you could change about your relationships and activities with family. Beside each item in your list, write down your reason for feeling limited in this area.

Next, write down a change you can initiate to improve your family dynamic.


How do you feel when you think of your partnered life as someone who is married, coupled, or dating?

What are your negative perceptions around the following, and how can you turn each around to something positive?


Quality time

Shared responsibilities



Imagine yourself as a success. If you can feel, touch, and taste success in your mind then you are halfway to experiencing it for real


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