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How to Change a Negative Situation?

Probably one of the most perplexing problem we can face is knowing that one or more aspects of our lives have taken a turn for the worse. When we think about this problem area, we feel steeped in negative emotions - hopelessness, powerlessness, confusion, bad communication, and other feelings and mental states that paralyze us.

If you really want to move away from negativity then the first step you might take is to get clearance from the person, situation or circumstance that is causing you trouble. If it's a difficult partnership or marriage, you might agree to take some time apart to think and process for a bit. This way, after some time passes, you can be a bit more objective about your feelings and where the relationship is going.

If it's a job you've grown to dislike or dread, it's a bit more challenging to remove yourself suddenly, as this is your livelihood. However, you can take steps to detach slowly. You might make a mental shift from trying to get ahead at your current job, to planning your exit strategy. The goals you set and the steps you take to leave can infuse you with a sense of purpose that will get you out of floundering and flailing mode, and back to forward progress.

Another idea that might help you turn a negative situation around is to bring in outside perspectives. So if you're the throes of a difficult partnership, you might help yourself out by talking with a licensed counselor, or maybe a friend or someone you trust who has gone through a similar difficulty. This person may be able to help you view what's happening with your relationship dynamic in a more objective way.

To initiate gradual change in a negative situation of any kind, you might try doing little things differently, one day or one scenario at a time. As you get used to your new way of approaching your problems determine as you go what sorts of actions, style of communication, habits and attitudes help you reach your goals faster with the least possible backlash. Take what works, and make it into routine practice. Take what doesn't work, and toss it. You will soon see yourself embracing new, better, more positive ways of doing and being that become habit.

Those who want to succeed will find a way; those who don't will find an excuse. Leo Aguila


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