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How a Simple Shift in Attitude Can Help you Accomplish More

Do you feel like you're perpetually stuck? Is life dull and repetitive, with the same old routines at home and at work happening every day?

Are you tired of dealing with difficult people and problems? Do the simplest transactions frustrate you to no end?

One way to get more done and spend less time stuck on small problems is to change your attitude.

Let's explore how going in with a negative attitude often becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

Suppose you start your day feeling lousy. You grumble while getting ready for work. Your children see a frown on your face. Your wife hears you complain about what's for breakfast. The poor attitude you've donned for the day quickly becomes contagious. The kids are now whining about getting ready for school. The dog wears a dejected expression because no one gave him a pat on this busy, grumpy morning. Your wife is annoyed that she now must clear the table of breakfast food that no one seemed to enjoy or appreciate.

What if instead of griping, you started your day with a smile? You're happy to be alive, heading to work where you'll be looked up to by your underlings and make a difference at your company in exchange for money that puts breakfast on the table. Your wife was thoughtful to bring you a nice meal. The dog is wagging his tail because he loves you. Your kids are receiving a good education by kind and attentive teachers, at a great school. How fortunate you are to see another beautiful day. Life is good! Your face wears a smile, and when your children see you, they smile as well. Your wife plants a kiss on your smiling face.

Isn't it amazing how the very same scenario can be painted in bright, happy, optimistic colors when viewed through the lens of positivity, seeing the good and believing it to be true? And remember, as we discussed, attitude is contagious.

Trouble is, if we're so used to being a pessimist, how can we turn this around?

Awareness is the first step to making a positive change. Remember when we explored your past and present, to see if certain people may have affected you in a discouraging way?

So now you know that your current attitude was shaped somewhat by the people in your life. So that means that if a negative mindset is contagious, a positive outlook is also catching. Who can you catch one from?

Who do you know in your daily life who seems to embody that attitude of pure optimism, thrills to a challenge, gets things done, and help lift your spirits simply by sharing a smile and a kind word of encouragement? How can you be more like that person?

Will you open your mind and let their spirit impact you in a meaningful way?

Remember too, that we needn't rely on other people to buoy us through the problems of everyday life. We can lift our own spirits and help others see the bright side of things, so they can take control and live the way they want to.

If everything and everyone around you seems negative and pessimistic, YOU can be the one to set others on a more positive path! Things start looking up as soon as YOU see them as good, worthy, positive and productive.

Imagine if your entire life could take an incredible turnaround for the better, once you decide and commit to ditching that limiting mindset and embracing a can-do attitude. If not you, then WHO? Don't wait for other people if you want to make a mindset shift. Do it for you… so you can finally be happy and start cultivating the life you've always dreamed of.

When opportunity knocks at your door invite her in. She is a close friend of success.


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